HandHelp™ – Emergency Call App for iOS

The modern solution for emergency calls in all emergencies.
Whether at home, on holiday or on the road, at school and on the way to and from school, in business, sport, leisure…

HandHelp™ is needed to use the emergency call button.


Fast emergency rescue is now in your hands – without a call, without language, without knowledge of a place or a language.

The highest good that we possess ALL is our health and our life!!
Therefore it is very important to get fast help at any time. But what do you do if you don’t know where you are right now, don’t get a word out in pain or shock, don’t speak the language and don’t have worldwide emergency numbers?

HandHelp – The Emergency Call App has solved this for you and your loved ones!

HandHelp™ is available in two different varrianten.

The “red” version uses the emergency control centres we have stored and maintained for a direct emergency call*. AppStore Download

*Current for the countries: DE, AT, CH, LI

HandHelp™ – Life Care enables you to enter the emergency call centres which are responsible for you.  Life Care is completely free of charge from August and without advertising! AppStore Download