HandHelp™ – Life Care | mobile emergency call button special edition

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Protect yourself & your loved ones at the push of a button – never again alone on the road!
With the mobile HandHelp™ – emergency call button you carry now in dicey emergency situations an added value at security always with you – and that world-wide!
The mobile emergency call button is small, light, robust and comes with a 24 month warranty – no recharging required.
Wear it on your clothes, bunch of keys, etc. or glue it to your desired place.
It is easy to use and must be connected to the emergency apps of HandHelp™ via Bluetooth.
All information and usage examples can be found HERE in the shop and on the HandHelp™ product pages.

Delivery time: Innerhalb von Europa bist zu 14 Tagen und außerhalb von Europa bis zu 30 Tagen.

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Installation Apps / Emergency button:

Install first the offered HandHelp™ – emergency call apps on your Smartphone / iPhone / Tablet / iPad and connect afterwards your mobile HandHelp™ – emergency call button via Bluetooth to the emergency call system.
The HandHelp™ – emergency call apps can be tested free of charge.
Select your HandHelp™ emergency app on this shop and follow the setup video:
Video for Android:
Video for iOS / Apple:

Functional description of the mobile emergency call button:
If you press the button only once briefly, your test alarm will be triggered against you and your trusted third parties stored in the app.
If you press 2 x short, your emergency call to your confidants and optionally to the fire brigade* (rescue services*) takes place within seconds.
If you press for longer than 2 seconds, your emergency call will be made to your confidants within seconds and optionally to the police*.

The emergency call button should only be used if you are no longer able to use your HandHelp™ – emergency call app!
The HandHelp™ – Emergency button only works together with a Smartphone / iPhone / Tablet / iPad
on which the respective HandHelp™ – emergency call app for iOS 8.0 or higher and Android 4.4 or higher has been installed before and Bluetooth is switched on.

All information about the HandHelp™ – Emergency Apps:

In an emergency, both apps alert your trusted third parties within seconds.

Product page HandHelp™ – Life Care (manual entry of regional control centres) for free of charge:

Product page HandHelp™ (automated alerting to the responsible control centres*) for In-App-Buy:

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 6 mm

Weiß, Rotes Logo

radio modules

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energie


24 Monate Garantie, 3-Klick Variationen, abwaschbare Klebefolie, Batteriedauer: über 2 Jahre, Gewicht: 7 g, inkl. Trage-Clip, IP 54: Spritzwasser geschützt, LED-Alarm


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